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We import traditional yerba mate tea directly from farms in Paraguay and Brazil for your enjoyment in South Africa. We deliver to every nook and cranny in South Africa, ensuring your treasured Yerba Mate supply never runs out ...*more about us

Pronounced, "yer-bah ma-tay" it is the cured leaves of the rain forest yerba mate tree indemic to South America known for its energising properties. The drink called, mate [mah-tay] is prepared like tea by steeping the yerba mate in hot water and sipped through a traditional mate straw. The ancient ritual has endured for more than a millennium and is to be seen everywhere one goes in countries like Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil more

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"Great to see you love ‪#‎mate‬ as I do!... Hugs from an argentinian enjoying mate."
 "Started my morning in the best way! Drinking Barão Premium (fresh - green - fine - grassy - wholesome) with my Brazilian bomba and ceramic gourd. Pure. Wild. South American. I've been feeling energized all day!"
"Makes you wish every robot turns red on the way to work
"so much happiness! me alegraste el día, no puedo esperar!"
"A most delightful chance meeting with the man behind Yerba Mate South Africa! This was also a moment before Savannah's first ever taste of this incredible drink!"

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