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Our product //yer-bah mah-tay// is a herbal drink based on knowledge from Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. It is more than a drink, it is a companion and a herbal antioxidant-rich source of caffeine prepared by steeping the herb in hot water, much like a tea. *read more 


Who Are We? Yerba Mate South Africa is a Cape Town based yerba mate speciality shop and we get wired on yerba mate every day. Our mission is to introduce a healthier source of caffeine to South Africans and we import selected yerba mate brands from Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil for your enjoyment in Mzanzi. Please reach out to us to have a conversation over some mate ...*contact us


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12 Pack 500g Pajarito Organica

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R132 each

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1x 500g pack @ R205 each

6x 500g packs @ R153 each

12x 500g packs @ R132 each

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500g Rosamonte Suave


Rosamonte's yerba mate is aged between 12 and 24 months.

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