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What Is Kombucha? January 12 2016, 0 Comments

yerba mate kombuchaKombucha (pronounced, "kom-boo-cha") is a naturally fermented tasty drink enjoyed on a hot day. I was surprised to read that my favourite probiotic drink reached sales of over US$ 600 million in the USA in 2015. I have written a short piece about what it is, where to buy it and the health benefits.

Probiotic Foods Make You Sexy January 11 2016, 0 Comments

yerba mate ice tea at sexy food"To drink, a glass of yerba mate jun kombucha ice tea. What did my gut say to this? " Yes! Jipee! Dive-in, submerge, feast and go back for more!."

Even cows love yerba mate December 03 2015, 0 Comments

cows fed with yerba mate"Y
erba mate farmers say that one of the main pests which eat their crops, are cows! It seems they just love the stuff."

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate August 21 2015, 0 Comments

yerba mate in tea pot[...a University of São Paulo paper, published in Global Science Books, which concluded that, "Yerba mate, besides its stimulant activity, long known by the indigenous South American inhabitants seems to fulfill the requirements as a functional food ...."]

My Doctor Told Me To Drink Less Yerba Mate March 08 2014, 9 Comments

"I have never really believed in these weight-loss claims made by American marketers about yerba mate. I certainly think differently about it now."

Teachers & Students, Yerba Mate Is Brain Food November 21 2013, 2 Comments

"In my view yerba mate is one of the best learning aids that I have ever used. This is a short blog article about how I used the traditional form of the South American cultural beverage to help Argentinians to learn English..."


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