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Photo: yerba mate ice tea with jun wild honey kombucha

Sexy Food @190 Bree street in Cape Town is a vibrant inner-city house of cultured foods and sprout farming where everything is pro- life, or pro- biotic (βίος, the Greek for, "life"). In  other words, they serve living foods and beverages which are good for the gut. Mr James Kuiper is the founder of the business and can always be found with an endless supply of laughter, smiles and hugs in the front end of the shop. James waged war on cancer at the age of 17. It was a fight which he won thanks to the help of ancient knowledge about natural medicine and food. It led him on a new journey helping change people's point of view about what they eat.

3 Naturally Fermented Foods You Should Eat and Why

Probiotics are the micro-scopic good bacteria in your intestine. They are essential to our overall health because they make-up over 90% of the immune system and they are the reason we can digest food. You can find probiotics in all unprocessed foods, but naturally fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and kefir are especially loaded with them and kombucha is good too. To put it into perspective, our bodies are made of about 70 trillion cells, and  we have a further 10 times that amount of bacteria living in our intestines! Unfortunately most people have about 90% bad bacteria and only 10% good bacteria in their gut. If you consume naturally fermented probiotic-rich foods regularly, you have the reverse of this ratio: 90% good bacteria and 10% bad bacteria. 

2 Reasons to Eat Probiotic Foods If You Drink Coffee and/or Yerba Mate

(1) A rush of adrenaline strips you of good bacteria: Caffeine is a stimulant found in coffee, yerba mate, green tea and black tea. You need to replace them. My rule is to consume probiotic rich foods as often as what I drink yerba mate.

(2) Coffee and most brands of yerba mate are have an acidic PH level which can cause your tummy to flush itself out as a reaction, especially if drunk on an empty stomach. As a result your good gut flora will be flushed out too. If you get a loose tummy after drinking yerba mate or coffee then you must focus on eating probiotic foods that same day to replace what you lost.

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 Photo: Sexy Food meal served with traditional maté

 Photo: Jovi ordering a yerba mate and jun kombucha ice tea at Sexy Food

 Photo: Alfalfa sprouts and jars of naturally fermented sauerkraut

Photo: The Sexy Food menu and glass of iced yerba mate with jun kombucha