What Is Kombucha? January 12 2016, 0 Comments

yerba mate kombucha

Kombucha (pronounced, "kom-boo-cha") is the champagne of probiotic drinks. Dating back nearly 2000 years, the non-alcoholic bubbly is made naturally by fermenting water, tea and sugar in oak barrels using a Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). According to Markets and Markets kombucha sales topped US$ 600 million in the USA in 2015 and it's on a sharp rising curve. In my previous blog post, titled, "Probiotic Food Makes You Sexy" I highlighted the role that good bacteria (probiotics) play in my body and why they are so vitally important to my health. 

How does kombucha benefit the body? 

For me, the main benefit of kombucha is the natural boost that my immune system enjoys. This is thanks to a mild dose of live probiotics and at the same time it helps my digestive system convert sugars, fats and proteins into energy more efficiently. The way to drink kombucha is, often and in small amounts (250ml). Kombucha energises you from the core of your gut outwards, unlike caffeine which simply stops the sleep hormone from spreading. If you wanted to know more about the sugar content in kombucha, well here's a line quoted from our favourite Cape Town kombucharía, "Most of the sugar used to make kombucha is consumed during the fermentation process; it is food for the SCOBY (not you) as well as the living organisms which make kombucha so beneficial" - www.theonistaproducts.com.

Where to get kombucha

You can make your own kombucha right at home... just google, "how to make kombucha", or you can buy it at your local health shop. My favourite is Theonista's Maté Ginger Kombucha, made with organic wild harvest yerba mate and fresh ginger. You can find their kombucha nationwide at any of their stockists.

Thanks for reading.

Dr Axe on kombucha: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MowuMSwZkqg


Photo: my favourite kombucha, Maté Ginger and a green smoothie. Provided by Theonista Products