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We Want To Rescue Hand-Made Rooibos April 07 2017, 1 Comment

 I am going to return to spend a few weeks visiting rooibos farms in the Cederberg during April 2017. This time I will be join by Meta Mate partner, Fabricio coming all the way from Berlin.

Mate Beer, Yes or No? February 19 2017, 5 Comments

mate bier

"I am a traditionalist matero and I have always believed that introducing mate to newbies in the authentic way is the best approach but I might have been wrong."

Traditional Herb Goes Hipster January 27 2017, 0 Comments

500ml club-mateThe mysterious vigilante logo was first introduced at hacker computer clubs and then made it big in the underground techno clubbing scene in Berlin. Eventually Club-Mate was brought above ground level becoming the drink of choice for German hipsters who stylishly proceeded to take the brand into the mainstream.

What Makes The Best Quality Raw Leaf Yerba Mate? July 10 2016, 0 Comments

yerba mate leaves of cambona 4"...invited to attend a presentation of the most expensive yerba mate trees on the market, the seeds of which go for around US$ 1000 per kilogram when the industry average is only US$ 100 per kg! It's a figure enough to blow a yerba mate farmer out of his boots, and these cowboys never remove their boots..."

Apprentice Yerba Mate Harvester For a Day (Brazil) May 04 2016, 0 Comments

harvest yerba matein this part of the journey I am hosted by yerba mate farmer in the Ilópolis region, home to some of Brazil's oldest plantations. My hosted teaches me how to use my senses to determine yerba mate quality and how the manual harvest is done. 

A Day With Forest Restorer, Eduardo (Brazil) February 22 2016, 0 Comments

saving the forest with yerba mateMany dozens of millions of hectares of jungle in Brazil had been devastated 60 years earlier leaving nothing but desert where there had once been thick jungle. Eduardo has been allowing the jungle to return for more than half of his life."

Visiting Kids at Agri-School: What Is, "Kudu" in Portuguese? (Brazil) January 27 2016, 0 Comments

kids at yerba mate school"The children could even tell me all there was to know about indigenous companion trees (like the Aruacária, or Brazilian pine) that favour good quality yerba mate. Nursing the young plants to maturity and raising livestock were part of their formal schooling career - the kind of education I would wish of for all children."

Making My Own Calabash Mate Gourd (Brazil) September 29 2015, 3 Comments

yerba mate gourd with africa map"I was flabbergasted. This man had been chipping art into calabash for 25 years, and there was nobody better than this pioneer of the nail & club technique, as far as I was concerned. "

Afri-Matte Forum at Radio Palmeira (Brazil) September 21 2015, 0 Comments

chimarrão in palmeira das missoes"I make yerba mate available for order online from almost anywhere in the country. That's my main role at the moment. My plan is use my knowledge of mate culture and to adapt it to South Africa with the hope that it will lead to more cultural exchange between South Africans of different backgrounds."

Ancient Techniques: Original Flame-Grilled Maté (Brazil) August 21 2015, 2 Comments

the aroma of the Meta Mate made by the Tolotti family was of caramel in the rainforest and it had a subtle intensity profile with wooded green taste and a pleasant dried banana and mango after-taste. Being so fresh, the finely ground erva-mate bursted with flavour and will always remind me of that day in the forest.


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