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Why Maté is Magic: International Health Symposium (Uruguay) May 17 2015, 5 Comments

"They celebrated yerba mate because it gave them physiological upliftment like no other food or drink they knew. It put new life into tired muscles, strengthened willpower and cleansed the body of impurities."

Brazilian Yerba Mate Festival February 18 2015, 2 Comments

" I only had a few hours to pack my bag, clear my little room and bid my friends farewell, then it was just me on my own two feet with three months ahead of me to explore the world of yerba mate."

Learning Portuguese in Porto Alegre (Brazil) November 23 2014, 5 Comments

"A few days before I was due to be kicked out of the shipping container that I had been living in, one of the students I had been teaching to speak English offered me a lift inland and dropped me off in a small town surrounded by yerba mate farms..."

Odd Tale Of A Small South African Business October 22 2013, 11 Comments

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"...For some South Africans, "spit and run" was the first reaction, but surprisingly for most, they were willing to give it a try when I came with my sales pitch..."

Yerba Mate - Standard Issue For Syrian Soldiers And Rebels October 20 2013, 122 Comments

Yerba Mate Blog

"...yerba maté is so  treasured by Syrian rebels and soldiers that they steal each other's yerba supplies during weapon and ammunition raids." 



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