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Most Pure Form of Yerba Mate February 29 2016, 3 Comments

meta mate raw back of packaging" Meta Mate RAW has been tested by the Eurofins GmbH in Germany. The results in a 100g portion are astounding. I made a comparison to put it into perspective..."

Truly Exemplary Yerba Mate From Paraguay April 01 2015, 4 Comments

"I found exactly what I had envisioned to find on that trip at Yerba Mate Pajarito, and these are the reasons..."

The True Original Yerba Mate January 20 2015, 0 Comments

best yerba mate"Fabricio made a pact to take Jovi deep into the country-side where the yerba mate trees still grow to enormous size and show him how Meta Mate makes their "best yerba"

Ultimate Health Drink Coming to South Africa October 16 2014, 0 Comments

"In a nutshell, this a lifestyle blog based on the journal entries and field notes of South African Jovald "jovi" Henriksen's expeditions throughout the world to uncover the secrets of yerba mate."

Cape To Rio 2014: "Festa" And "Futebol" January 03 2014, 2 Comments

Brazil 2014
As the all eyes turn to Brazil for the next FIFA world cup, thousands of South Africans are already starting to budget. Read more about tickets, flights and the cost of living in Brazil. The 2014 FIFA Soccer World Cup is just around the corner.

Coca-Cola Invests Heavily In Yerba Mate November 28 2013, 2 Comments

 "... brands such as Coca-Cola are fast increasing awareness of yerba mate, an ancient commodity believed to deliver superior physiological benefits to that of coffee, green tea, fruit and raw cacao combined."


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