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In Buenos Aires, Argentina there are few clues to indicate that you are in South America. If someone had teleported you to an undisclosed location during your sleep your first thought may perhaps be that you are in Paris. The buildings are lined with marble, large wooden doors have polished brass doorknobs and there is greenery that sprawls from every balcony. Zooming in on the people of this wonderful place will reveal something you may not be familiar with. It is something they drink all day long, anywhere, anytime - it's the ancient tribal custom of drinking mate (pronounced "maté"), the drink of health, strength and longevity that will spark your intrigue most.

There Are Things That You Should Know

Yerba mate was considered just as valuable as oriental tea by the Portuguese explorers who were the first Europeans to land in China and South America by sea. The health, nutritional, medicinal and sustainability benefits of yerba mate outweigh those of tea and coffee, but somehow yerba mate has fallen behind as a global commodity of trade, however it seems that this is all about to change.

Jovi at Pecha Kucha

This Is The Beginning of a New Series

In a nutshell, this is a lifestyle blog based on the journal entries and field notes of South African, Jovald "jovi" Henriksen's expeditions throughout the world to uncover the secrets of yerba mate. The blog will begin with a five month trip through Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina in which scientists, doctors, farmers and business people teach Jovald the reason that yerba mate has been consumed more than any other beverage among their people for more than a millennium.

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to Pecha Kucha Cape Town for providing the video material in this blog post.