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Cape Town:  A pioneer product innovated by a company based in Berlin called Meta Mate RAW is the purest form of yerba mate on the planet. It happens to be very rare because the vast majority of the production is reserved in advance by companies in Germany and the USA. What has gotten me frothing with excitement is that Fabricio from Meta Mate has set some aside for South Africa. Arriba! It is a blessing. Congratulations to them for finding a method to conserve all the original nutrients and flavour of the living leaf. 

RAW vs industrial yerba mate: To put the superior quality of RAW yerba mate into perspective, it is important to know what lies on the other end of the quality spectrum: industrial yerba mate (IYM) which gets mass-produced at 300 000 kilos per day. Most IYM is speed dried in extreme heat and smoked by wood fire at 400-600 °C. Compare this to Meta Mate RAW which is freeze-dried and dehydrated clinically in a laboratory at only 45 deg °C. IYM is good enough, but a large dose of the magical molecules that are good for you get burned and lost.


"The New [it] Superfood and one of 7 Brain Foods to Eat Every Day" - Shape Magazine



The RAW process: Founder of Meta Mate, Fabricio Do Canto's dream was to innovate a way of conserving all of the original nutrients in the yerba mate leaf using a contaminate-free method. Apparently, something that had not been done before. To realise the dream he partnered with a pharmacist and an organic yerba mate farmer. Together, they innovated means to overcome the challenges of creating Meta Mate RAW: Using a freeze-dry method they were are able to prevent fermentation of the leaf without using boiling-point heat as is done with green tea and IYM. A smoke-free and slow clinical dehydration at low temperature removes the moisture from the leaves resulting in a tea with a shelf-life. Not even tencha (the most premium form of green tea) is made with as much care to protect the natural integrity of the leaf. As for the taste...


Taste of meta mate raw

RAW Yerba Mate Tea...yum yum

The first sip transports the imaginative mind to the mighty Iguazú Falls. The taste is softer, greener and more soothing than green tea with a subtle rainforest aroma and no lingering bitterness. Get your hands on some Meta Mate RAW especially if you are chasing the health benefits of drinking yerba mate. Meta Mate RAW is available in Europe, USA, Japan and South Africa


unpackaging meta mate raw

RAW is Edible...smoothie!

RAW yerba mate contains all the original nutrients of the living leaf. As a raw dehydrated product it can be rehydrated by letting it sit in a cup of cold water for a few minutes. My favourite thing to do is to wack a cup of rehydrated Meta Mate RAW into my morning smoothie mix and guzzle it down like a camel at a water hole. 


meta mate raw nutritional information

RAW Yerba Mate is a Superfood

Meta Mate RAW has been tested by the Eurofins GmbH in Germany. The results in a 100g portion are astounding. I made a comparison to put it into perspective...

  • Calcium: 820.98 mg (approx. 5 times more than kale)
  • Zinc: 16.88 mg (approx. 35 times more than broccoli)
  • Magnesium: 497.26 mg ( approx. 2 times more than cacão)
  • Protein: 14.93mg (about 2 times more than raw green peas)
"Protein content in Meta Mate Raw is 14,93 g / 100g in comparison to standard mates that have an average of 10.89 gr / 100 gr according to “El Libro de La Yerba Mate ” by Karla Lorenzo. It also has higher theobromine and magnesium levels than other mates. For those concerned with the PAH contamination of Mate, this mate has the lowest levels of all tested, 0,58 Mu/Kg Benzoapiren in comparison to 8 to 20 Mu/Kg from conventional Mate." - Meta Mate
More information about Meta Mate RAW at


Makers of meta mate raw

From right: Fabricio Do Canto (Meta Mate founder), Clovis (Owner of forest plantation), pharmacist, Jozeane and harvester, Marilene at the RAW lab in Brazil - photo provided by Meta Mate


healthy yerba mate in cape town

Lyn and I drinking Meta Mate RAW at Sexy Food in Cape Town


Toby Scheckter (3rd from left), Brazilian friends and I drinking Meta Mate RAW in Cape Town

jovald 'jovi' henriksenI am Jovald 'jovi' Henriksen is a hunter of quality yerba mate tea, owner of Yerba Mate South Africa, teacher and a linguist: Spanish, Portuguese, English, Afrikaans and German.