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Pajarito [pa-ha-ri-toe] Organic is a delicious industry benchmark certified by one of the strictest authorities on the subject, IMO (Switzerland). This badge isn't easy to get... Pajarito's organic yerba mate plantations simulate the patterns and features of a natural ecosystem. They are home to a diverse circle of indigenous life which all play a role in creating wholesome, dark and juicy yerba mate leaves that have more antioxidants, vitamins and minerals than most. This yerba is a mild and woody with citrus notes that should be served at 70°C. The taste may remind you of a tea pot of roasted suuringtjies (Bermuda buttercups). It is a user-friendly coarsely ground yerba with stems (“palos”) and low powder content. You can use it for tereré (iced mate) too which we recommend in the summer time. 

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