Mischu Isabella Blend

R 94.50

Isabella Blend is an award-winning 100% premium quality washed Arabica coffee, freshly roasted in South Africa in a state-of-the-art coffee roaster. 

The master blender man, Mikhael Bou Rjeily has two coffee shops in Cape Town and is also a matero (mate drinker). He invited the Matezvous Club for a coffee masterclass at his Coffee Showroom in Sea point and the coffee was just divine. In fact, The blend is still ranked #1 in Cape Town on oflocal.co.za

Mikhael showed us how to prepare the coffee in a variety of ways, and my favourite was with the coffee plunger...

PLUNGER PREPARATION (as demonstrated by Mikhael)

  1. If unground, grind your coffee beans consistently coarse.
  2. rinse your coffee plunger with hot water.
  3. Add to plunger 1x heaped tablespoon ground coffee per cup.
  4. Soak with hot water (90 Deg C) for 30sec.
  5. Top-up with hot (90 Deg C) water.
  6. Leave to brew for 4 minutes then plunge.
  7. Strain into cups and enjoy.

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