Our Brands

Yerba Mate PAJARITO (Paraguay)

yerba mate pajaritoYerba Mate PAJARITO is a family business owned by the Raatz family who have one of the cleanest and most organised yerba mate production facilities in South America according to Jovi. Their IMO organic certification is one of the most difficult to get and their barbacua method of making yerba mate produces one of the best flavours we have tried. The Raatz family have been very good to Yerba Mate South Africa, hosting us for 3 weeks at their farms and helping us import the some of the best organic yerba mate in the world.



Est. in 1966, Rosamonte is a well known Argentine brand of yerba mate based in the biggest yerba mate producing region in the world, Misiones in Argentina. The brand is affiliated with "Fundación Cariologico Argentina" and "Fundación Favaloro".

META MATE (Germany/Brazil)



Meta Mate is based in Berlin, Germany with product production in Brazil. Their business principles flip the capitalistic structures up-side down and they truly stand up for doing business in a way which which is fair to small farmers and has minimal impact on the forests where they get their meta mate from. Yerba Mate South Africa has been hosted by Meta Mate in Brazil and Germany and there has been a nice exchange of them visiting Yerba Mate South Africa in South Africa too.


Barão de Cotegipe (Brazil)

Barão De Cotegipe is arguablly the most respected brand of yerba mate in Brazil. We visited their facilities and had lunch with the 2nd generation Mr "Barão" who was very transparent in showing us all of their processes and allowing us freedom to explore and take photos.





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