ruben jansen Ruben Jansen, Stellenbosch "Thank you Jovi for the quick and professional delivery, you have an awesome website!"
luca hart Luca Hart, Cape Town "Waiting out the storm at @Starling&Hero"
coricel Newman Coricel Newman "Great to see you love #mate as I do!... Hugs from an argentinian enjoying mate"
pablo burwood Pablo Burwood, Namibia " thank you very much for the delivery. It's very good!"
pierce joubert Pierce Joubert, Bellville "Makes you wish every robot turns red on the way to work."
francesca annenberg

Francesca Annenberg, Cape Town "Started my morning in the best way! Drinking Barão Premium

(fresh - green - fine - grassy - wholesome) I've been feeling energized all day! ?????? Thank you YMSA for delivering consistent quality ???"

johan ferreira Johan Ferreira, Pretoria "Water in an old milk jug and in my maté"


Alec, Montagu "Easy, Quick, Nice...received the Mate very quickly. No problem at all. Thank you very much, will definitely order again from you!"

 Brenton Jones, Upington "Tried out the Pajarito brand and it does not leave a strong after taste like the Livre, love it, many thanks.”

 Busani, Johannesburg "Happy with my purchase and the quick delivery."

Christiaan Fensham, Louis Trichard "I cannot say much. Good service and good yerba!"

Sharon, P.E "Something I look forward to everyday.So pleased we have Jovi here to supply us."

Brad Newton, Cape Town "Thanks for the superfast service. Ordered Sunday night and delivered on Monday- very impressive!"

Marna Strauss, Cape Town  “My girlfriend & I spend the holidays drinking litres of ice cold Mate'...love it!

Justin, Cape Town “It took a little getting used to; but I can now understand why meta mate is a favourite. I'm looking forward to getting up tomorrow morning and getting to work as soon as possible just to have another cup of mate”

Scholtz Van Heerden, Cape Town  "We climed Aconcagua (6962m) in Argentina. I think Mate was all that kept us going some days!"

Chris, Polokwane “I remember the Pajarito, I ordered some when you returned from Brazil. Very nice mate. I suppose its cliché but Pajarito makes a better terere than Taragui. Have you read how many people dislike Taragui? I think it’s great. Very bitter… I actually like the bitterness. Thank you for all the effort importing the mate. I can’t imagine my life without it anymore.”

David, George "Many thanks for the info. I have long wanted to taste the Yerba ATE – What put me onto it was our son & an Argentinian working in the same office back in Brisbane 2012 –  so thanks for the service & trust that I will enjoy the drink”

Jacquie, Mooi River "we have only previously tried mate once. I think I got it from the health food store, and only recently remembered I had bought it, and tried it. But there is no comparison. The [meta mate] leafy cut one we got from you is much more delicious and just generally rather addictive! Will have to be careful. J Superior product.”

Andisiwe, Jo'burg "...I've been searching for Mate all over and only recently I thought of looking more closely to home. Thanks"

Tobie, Swellendam "Wow this tea brings back so much memories i used to live in Paraguay when i was small"

Robin, Howick "Just wanted to say the package arrived safe and sound and I'm delighted with your service. The filter bags works like a charm… you'll certainly be hearing from me again for more tea when the time comes. Thanks"

Rayhaan Smith, Limpopo “Dude that Pajarito I Ordered last time out was amazing! I just order the new tea bag and instant soluble one just now. Definitely the best Yerba in my opinion. I also purchased the Meta Mate loose, when will you be getting stock of the leafy again? Love what you are doing man always introducing new products. Thanks for the R15,00 off too!”

Bronwyn, Cpt  "Yerba mate is the perfect solution for the office! It tastes AMAZING with a slightly honey aftertaste.... yum yum yum!!!"

Tamryn, KZN “Abso-freaking-lutely LOVING my yerba mate tea!!”

Teatonics, UK "Interesting piece [Truly Exemplary Yerba Just Arrived] by Yerba Mate South Africa on best practice in sustainable yerba mate agriculture. This is why we buy we're committed to buying organic, and why we have longer-term aspirations to secure a direct relationship with a forest shade-grown estate."

Fred, Cape Town “that tea is awesome…it’s given me the energy to go back to gym, I’m losing weight…it rocks!! Why aren’t more people using it…”

Laetitia & Peter vd Spuy, Pretoria “We start the day drinking Yerba Mate on the lawn ... with bare feet on the dew-wet grass grounding and a lovely cup of Yerba in the hand watching the sunrise. This is how we start the day almost every day... we are both turning 60 this year smile emoticon Yerba Mate has been part of our lives for about 7 years.”

Shila, Johannesburg “Thank you very much , the tea is a hit!!”

Christiaan Bode, Johannesburg “Just found the free sample of meta mate. Off the hook.”

Jason, Cape Town “Thanks so much Jovi... Got the tea and have enjoyed a cup”


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