Yerba Mate Preparation

Traditional Mate ( with hot water)


Traditional Tereré ( with iced water)


Yerba mate tea brewed with ice cold water is called tereré and it is the national drink of Paraguay with widespread popularity in Brazil and Argentina too. Tereré is usually flavoured with fresh herbs, citrus zests or fruit juice, and it refreshes the mind and body like nothing else. 


Time to prepare: 2 minutes

You will need...

  • One mate gourd (traditionally, a guampa horn cup)

  • Some loose yerba mate

  • A bomba (straw)

  • A jug of ice-cold water

  • Friends (recommended)

  1. Fill the gourd ⅔ with yerba mate.

  2. Insert the filter straw (bomba) down the side of the gourd until it hits the bottom. Give it a twist so it sits in there nice and securely.

  3. Top up the gourd with your ice cold water and drink up through the straw. Enjoy.

  4. Once the first serving is done, fill up the gourd again and pass to the friend you have hopefully invited to share with. The yerba should be good for 40 top-ups.


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