12 Pack 250g Rosamonte Suave

R 588.00

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The yerba in this product is 2 year aged and coarsely ground with low powder content and as the Spanish name, "suave" suggests it is smooth in taste ie. easy drinking and mild intensity. So, it's a great no-brainer yerba which all can enjoy - especially good if you are new to mate or if you foresee yourself introducing mate to some of your friends who are still "unenlightened" 

My (Jovi) personal review: What I love most about this product is its resealable zip seal. As a rock climber I'm constantly looking for more convenient packaging materials to keep my backpack organised and with this smaller size zipper packet I can just shove my yerba into any part of my bagpack and I don't have to worry about any spillage (and losses). The packaging is high quality material and can be reused as a dedicated-refillable-travelfriendly pack of yerba.

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