21cm Bortonaggio Bomba

R 285.00

A stainless steel filter straw (bomba) used to drink traditional yerba mate. It is designed to to keep solid pieces out and to allow liquid through when sipped from like a straw. The Brazilain bomba has a large filter head with over 300 tiny pores. The reason is to decrease the chance of your bomba getting clogged, and the bonus is that you get more flavour on each sip. It will never rust. The product is extremely well manufactured and they are well worth the money. 

✓ Will never rust (surgical stainless steel)
✓ Almost impossible to get clogged (over 300 filter pores)
✓ Safe metals (soldered with silver)
✓ Made to last a life-time


  • Length of straw is 21cm
  • The filter-head has a diameter of 4cm.
  • 310 filter pores

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