500g Pajarito Especial

R 157.50

Pajarito [pa-ha-ri-toe] Special Selection is 100% yerba mate and good yerba for every- and any day use. It is made using the unique slow-dry barbacuá method which makes a phenomenal difference to the taste and effectiveness of the yerba. What's more, it gets aged for a period of 24 months during which it develops its characteristic sweet & woody flavour. This yerba is versatile and user-friendly: you can use it to make traditional hot mate, brew it in conventional tools like a French press or tea pot. It works well for making tereré (iced mate) too which we recommend in the summer time. The composition of this yerba is approximately 12-18% stems and 82-88% coarsely ground yerba mate leaves. The stems help make the taste milder and it gives the yerba a porous texture which prevents compacting into lumps or clogging of the bomba and other straining tools. So, if you’re looking for the an affordable yerba without compromising on quality, this is great value for money.


  • French press: Use 1 flat table spoon per cup to prepare yerba mate in french press (coffee plunger). Use hot water (not boiling) of about 70 deg C, and allow to brew for 1-2mins. This 500g pack makes approx. 70 cups using this method.
  • Traditional (with bomba): see video below, how to prepare traditional mate. 


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