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What Is Yerba Mate? How Do I Prepare It?

Yerba maté (pronounced, "yer-bah mah-tay") is a natural antioxidant-rich tea known for its ability to boost metabolism, curb appetite, aid digestion, improve stamina, lift energy levels and improve focus. The better the quality of the yerba, the more the benefits. Yerba Mate South Africa (YMSA) sources high quality yerba mate from South America and we illustrate to our peers the stories of the passionate producers via our blog. Traditionally mate drinking is a  ritual. A social pastime. The connective tissue of a healthy community. Maté can be brewed in a french-press or tea pot, but as our South American amigos know, the best way to drink it is as a loose-leaf tea brewed strong, in a mate gourd and sipped using a special stainless-steel tea straw, called a bombilla (pronounced, "bom - bee - ya"). You can learn more about the traditional preparation of mate in our videos. We hope that all South Africans will have the opportunity to participate in a mate "ronda" (circle) on day. Join us and 150 million people around the world that enjoy this healthy habit every day. * yerba mate stockists in South Africa

Blog Entry: The True Original Yerba Mate

(1) Meta Mate True Original (Moida Grossa) has the typical characteristics of a flavourful home-made yerba. The colour is charred-green from the slow drying over coals. The brown shell of the stems are still intact due to lower temperatures used to dry the yerba. The aroma is of caramel in the rainforest and it has a subtle intensity profile with wooded green taste and a pleasant dried banana and mango after-taste. ...*read more

 Blog Entry: Why Maté Is Magic

The subject of much interest to nutritionists today, is natural unprocessed substances that provide a complete set of bioactive compounds to the regular diet such as polyphenols ( antioxidants), probiotics, vitamins, minerals and amino-acids. One of over 120 published studies about yerba mate, is a University of São Paulo paper, published in Global Science Books, which concluded that,  "Yerba mate, besides its stimulant activity, long known by the indigenous South American inhabitants seems to fulfill the requirements as a functional food."...*read more

Blog Entry: Chimarrão Talk at Radio Palmeira in Brazil

VIDEO OF INTERVIEW (Portuguese with English subtitles)
Once you experience the magic of mate, it becomes all you want to drink. My dream is that all South Africans should participate in a mate ronda (circle) at least once in their lifetimes. I make yerba mate available for order online from almost anywhere in the country. That's my main role at the moment. My plan is use my knowledge of mate culture and to adapt it to South Africa with the hope that it will lead to more cultural exchange between South Africans of different backgrounds. Yerba mate is an affordable healthy habit which we can benefit from too. It is 100% natural, healthier than tea or coffee, it does not require milk or sugar and on top of that it is a shared drink... meaning least half of your mates should be provided by a friend. ...*read more


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