What Is Yerba Mate? How Do I Prepare It?

Yerba maté (pronounced, "yer-bah mah-tay") is a natural antioxidant-rich tea known for its ability to boost metabolism, curb appetite, aid digestion, improve stamina, lift energy levels and improve focus. Though maté has gained significant popularity world-wide over the last decade, traditionally its consumption is a social pastime enjoyed in South American house-holds, particularly in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Maté can be brewed in a french-press or tea pot, but as our South American amigos know, the best way to drink it is as a loose-leaf tea brewed strong, in a maté gourd and sipped using a special stainless-steel tea straw, called a bombilla (pronounced, "bom - bee - ya"). More than 150 million people around the world enjoy this healthy habit every day.

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