What Is Yerba Mate? How Do I Prepare It?

Yerba maté (pronounced, "yer-bah mah-tay") is a natural antioxidant-rich tea known for its ability to boost metabolism, curb appetite, aid digestion, improve stamina, lift energy levels and improve focus. Though maté has gained significant popularity world-wide over the last decade, traditionally its consumption is a social pastime enjoyed in South American house-holds, particularly in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. Maté can be brewed in a french-press or tea pot, but as our South American amigos know, the best way to drink it is as a loose-leaf tea brewed strong, in a maté gourd and sipped using a special stainless-steel tea straw, called a bombilla (pronounced, "bom - bee - ya"). More than 150 million people around the world enjoy this healthy habit every day. ...* yerba mate stockists in South Africa

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"Yerba mate tea is the subject of much interest to a vast network of doctors, scientist and nutritionist around the world. Many gathered to present their findings at the 6th quadrennial South American Yerba Mate Conference and International Health Symposium in Montevideo, Uruguay. The things that I learned about my favourite tea were extraordinary" ...* read more

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♥ "Thank you very much , the tea is a hit!!" - Shila, Jo'burg
♥ "Every morning after that first sip we ooh and aaaaah about how lovely it tastes." - Laetitia & Peter, Pretoria
♥ "that tea is awesome…it’s given me the energy to go back to gym, I’m losing weight…it rocks!! " - Fred, Cape Town
♥ "It took a little getting used to; but I can now understand why meta mate is a favourite." - Justin, Cape Town
"My girlfriend & I spend the holidays drinking litres of ice cold Mate'...love it!" - Marna, Cape Town
"Dude that Pajarito I Ordered last time out was amazing! Definitely the best Yerba in my opinion" - Rayhaan, Polokwane
♥ " Just wanted to say the package arrived safe and sound and I'm delighted with your service" - Robin, Howick
"Abso-freaking-lutely LOVING my yerba mate tea!!" - Tamryn, Waterfall

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